Minerva launches new version of TV-over-IP platform for OTT content

Minerva Networks has rolled out a new iteration of its iTVFusion 5 video services platform, incorporating the latest updates in Adaptive Bit-Rate (ABR) streaming, Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring, wireless LAN connectivity and high-performance embedded browsers.

The version gives network operators more tools with which to bring their own over-the-top video play to customers; it looks to blunt competition from pure OTT plays.

"There's been a significant shift in the industry," Jean-Georges Fritsch, CTO and EVP of products for Minerva, told FierceOnlineVideo. "Reports suggest that a significant and growing percentage of video is coming over the unmanaged Internet, and it's growing daily. With the arrival of H.265, I think we'll see even more."

The iTVFusion 5 platform is designed to allow operators to provide additional television services, including linear, on demand or Internet-sourced through a unified user interface based on the latest embedded client software tools. Its support of adaptive streaming technology helps assure stable delivery, Fritsch said

The platform also can be integrated through standard interfaces with cloud-based video on demand solutions, and it supports in-home wireless LAN connectivity.

Minerva said the platform can help operators step into new business opportunities: Cloud-based Video on Demand (CVoD) and Broadband TV (BBTV).

The platform also offers back-office tools.

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