MiniMash: Simple solution to online video creation, sharing for individuals and business

Final Cut Pro probably isn't too worried about MiniMash, a new Web-based software that allows users to create short (99 second) video mashups by dragging and dropping videos clips, photos and audio to a timeline and then publishing them, but it does simplify getting video onto the Web in a big way, taking "direct to web" pretty literally.

The service-which is still in private beta-allows users to email their mashups or post it to blogs, social networks and websites, adding special effects, transitions and music. Users can also opt to have MiniMash automatically create mashups of their UGC.

MiniMash-which sees itself as an online video counterpart to Twitter-says users can create video greetings, quick business promos, simple how-tos and even dabble in citizen journalism with short reports from the field.

The videos can be hosted at or privately on a site the user chooses.

MiniMash was founded by Claudia Ward and Mark Gartland, who have been involved in digital video for more than a decade.

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