Miramax chief: Cross-platform growth is key to digital market

Miramax CEO Mike Lang said the studio is less worried about piracy of its content than about not exploiting it in the digital marketplace.

Mike Lang

   Miramax CEO Mike Lang

During a keynote address at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, Lang, who took over as head of the studio in December, said that when he took over in December the studio was "basically closed for business," and that his goal was to make the company "more Silicon Valley than Hollywood."

"We believe that cross-platform is key to growing the digital transactions business," he said. "We believe that all these different platforms can be complementary and co-exist together. We think everything starts with the consumer. They're not focused on windows or on what schedule they can watch something or on which device."

Miramax has been aggressively courting online and on-demand deals with the likes of Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) and Hulu, as well as launching its own portals with Facebook and through apps for Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPad and Googgle's (Nasdaq: GOOG) Google TV.

Lang said he believed content piracy could be controlled if content owners gave consumers better service options.

"Piracy really is not the bigger issue for our company or for our library," said Lang. "Most consumers at some point in their life don't want to pirate. The way to then react to that is to offer legitimate, great services for them."

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