Netflix hooking up with Nintendo? Soon

The days of Netflix offering a full catalog of movies through its streaming service isn't too far off, CEO Reed Hastings said during an event at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but for now, subscribers will have to settle for the 17,000 some titles the DVD-by-mail service is prepared to offer. Hastings said the goal would be to eventually offer more than 100,000 titles over all. Nonetheless, he added, the company expected its DVD-by-mail rental service to be around until at least 2030, although he expected it to peak in five years or so.

Hasting also said -- on the heels of Netflix agreeing to hold new Warner releases 28 days before offering them for DVD rental -- that the deal will also bring more Warner titles to the streaming service.

Hastings told the audience that Xbox and the PS3 were the two most popular devices for streaming online video offerings, and said the likelihood that a deal to offer streaming over Nintendo's Wii was excellent and that such a service "should work out over time."

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