Netflix makes video quality adjustment

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) has started to roll out a new video streaming feature in the U.S., on a test basis, that allows Netflix video streamers to manage their video quality by adjusting their bandwidth usage.

netflix bandwidth

Netflix users now can manage the quality of their videos.

The "Manage Video Quality" appears to be a response to the evolution of tiered mobile broadband plans, as well as broadband bandwidth usage caps in general, and actually began life in Canada, where caps tend to be lower, according to a CNET post.

The feature offers three different control settings: Good, which sets usage at up to 0.3GB per hour; Better, which runs up to 0.7GB per hour; or Best, up to 1GB per hour.

The new offering seems like Netflix's way of adjusting to usage tiers and caps that it has protested in the past.

The bottom line is that it is looking out for its customers, and if the feature is widely-used and mitigates whatever customer complaints have arisen about bandwidth constraints, the protests may lose some punch.

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