Netflix: More viewing hours for Apple TV than iPad; Web TV a 'big growth category'

Apple may have only sold a million of its Apple TV units in 2010, but they're proving to be very popular with Netflix fans. In fact, the company said in its earnings letter to investors today, the $99 unit is seeing more streaming video play than Apple's iPad of which it's sold some 15.3 million in the U.S.

"AppleTV has done very well for us," Netflix said, "and in just four months has passed the also-growing iPad in Netflix viewing hours."

Windows and Mac laptops, Sony's PS3, Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo Wii are the most popular platforms for viewing, Netflix said.

Netflix said also popular were its iPhone and Windows phone applications, and it reiterated that it would have support for a number of Android devices this year.

It also said it hasn't given up on Google TV, which, while it's "not yet gone mainstream, the concept of Android and Chrome built into televisions and Blu-ray players is powerful." The company said it was confident the platform would be a success and it is "investing in our Google TV application."

Blu-ray players and TVs with Internet connectivity, of course, also were called out. Netflix said they were likely "the big growth categories" for it, especially as more WiFi connectivity was being added across product lines.

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