Netflix says Verizon's network is sub-par; FCC website overwhelmed by public commenters

More online video news from across the Web:

> Netflix is shifting its blame game to Verizon, saying the carrier's network isn't up to the task of delivering high quality streaming video. Story

> After a plea to his audience--and Internet comment trolls--by John Oliver to make their voices heard regarding net neutrality, users overwhelmed the FCC website Monday. Story

> Google released the source code for an encryption plug-in for its Chrome browser in a move to foil NSA snooping. Story

> Breaking Bad is the most-tweeted-about TV series ever, with tweets about the show reaching 9.1 million people during the airing of its finale back in September. Story

> Univision is going multiscreen in its broadcast of the World Cup from June 12 to July 13. Story

> Google may announce Android TV this June. story

> Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner and YES Network investor Lewis Katz died Sunday along with six others in a plane crash at Hanscom Field near Lexington, Mass. Story

> Hipster online news provider VICE is in a war of words with hipster online news peer Gawker. Somewhere, the ghost of Walter Cronkite takes off his glasses to wipe away a tear. Story

> Australian startup Peepable has received $500,000 in seed funding to develop an online video search service. Story

> Starz' David Katz sees YouTube as an important medium to reach more viewers, noting that the line between traditional cable channels and online video is becoming blurred. Story

And finally… The Wall Street Journal contends that renting movies online is far more complicated than the old days of renting them from the neighborhood video store--clearly not remembering the early days of VHS vs. Betamax and VCRs with no variable speed controls. Story