New York Times launches online video newscast

It took The Gray Lady, oh, almost 150 years to put color photos onto its front page, but it finally did in 1997, long after almost every New York Times TimesCast showother daily in the United States did so. So, it's no real surprise that the New York Times is coming to the online video game a tad slower than some of its compatriots.

The Times yesterday launched a daily online news wrap--TimesCast--that takes viewers through the day's headlines and gives them a look at how major news stories are talked about at the paper's budget meeting (there's a surprising paucity of women around the big table, but perhaps that's just incidental). It's really done pretty well, but the networks shouldn't worry too much, it's thin, but does deliver the headlines. The Times does have a very solid assortment of online video deeper inside the website, strong production and easy navigation.

Its major competition, meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal, currently produces a twice-daily newscast, the News Hub.

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