New York Times makes online video free

News stories in the written word--whether online or on paper--will still come at a premium, but all video content and apps on will be free to any visitors to the site, the New York Times has announced.

The publication's move provides free access across multiple platforms, from desktops to mobile to tablets, and will not be restricted by the limit of 10 articles per month placed on non-subscribers reading Times stories, according to

"I think video has become an expectation among Web users," Denise Warren, executive vice president of digital products and services group at the New York Times, told the Web publication. "It's something our users have been demanding, so this is our response."

The Times currently produces more than 250 videos per month and is eager to "change perception of the New York Times as not only a place to read about important stories of the day and interesting topics, but also a place to watch," Warren added. "We have a lot more storytelling tools at our disposal and we do a brilliant job with them, but I think we can do an even better job and really push video as a core area."

Makes one wonder about the old chestnut about a picture being worth a thousand words.

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