New York Times to stream film festival; Hulu adds restored films

Quick news from across the Web.

> The New York Times will stream four movies as part of an online film festival. Story

> More details on Apple's new iPhone devices emerge. Story

> Twitter hired Jennifer Prince, who ran Google's media and entertainment ad sales operations. Story

> Hulu added some movies restored by Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation through its its partnership with the Criterion Collection. Story

> TubeStart, a fundraising platform for YouTube contributors, began accepting payments. Press release

Cable News

> Charter may be preparing new apps that let viewers watch TV and DVR programming online and on mobile devices, trademark applications indicate. Story

Mobile Content News 

> YouTube updated its Android app with a picture-in-picture feature and TV queue options. Story

And finally... The PlayStation 4 will hit U.S. stores Nov. 15. Sony has already taken more than a million orders on the unit. The Twitch streaming service, which lets gamers broadcast their gameplay, will be available on the device. Story

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