Nielsen: Connected devices gaining online viewers

While online viewing opportunities are expanding at the pace of new connected devices--which, themselves, are exploding on the consumer electronics scene--most home viewers do their watching on two traditional devices: computers (84 percent) and TVs (83 percent), according to a Nielsen survey of 28,800 online consumers around the world.

According to a story in Advanced Television, the statistics indicate this is the first time computer watching has overtaken TV watching. In 2010, for instance, more than 90 percent of online consumers reported watching video content on TV compared to 86 percent on computers.

The fact that both viewing opportunities had lower percentage figures in 2012 is likely the result of the growth of connected devices, since 74 percent of respondents said they watched video via the Internet on "any device"--a 4-point jump since 2010--and 56 percent said they watch video on a mobile phone once a month. Twenty-eight percent said they watch video on a mobile phone once a day.

Of course, there would be no online viewing at all if there were no devices, so it is important to note that 57 percent of those surveyed online said they own a computer with high-speed online access--up 4 percent since 2010--and 16 percent who don't said they plan to own one within one year.

Tablets, with their mobility and bigger screens, are also attracting consumer attention. Twelve percent of those surveyed said they own a tablet, compared to 7 percent who owned one in 2010. Even that number is pretty significant when you think of how nascent the tablet market was only three years ago.

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