Obama's preview of State of the Union Address on YouTube

President Obama turned to YouTube this weekend to give a worldwide audience a brief preview of Tuesday's State of the Union president obamaAddress, saying in his online video appearance that although the American's employment outlook was brighter "We're still got a lot more work to do."

In opening his video, Obama tipped his hat to his Internet audience saying, "I'm not finished yet, but because you guys have been there from the start, because it was your passion and vision that helped me get to the White House, I just wanted to give you a little bit of a preview of what I'm going to be saying."

The president said the past two years have been "as tough as anything we've gone through since the Great Depression," adding that "we're in a different place now," with a growing economy that has created two million new jobs. "My principle focus, my No. 1 focus, is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and that we are creating jobs, not just now but well into the future," Obama said. "That is what is going to be the main topic of the State of the Union."

Although he gave no other specifics, he said the United States must address deficit spending and debt, and called for a leaner government that was "smarter for the 21st Century."

Obama has been no stranger to YouTube, his inauguration set records for online video streaming, and he has given weekly online video addresses since becoming president.

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