Old Spice grabs top spot in online advertising top 20

Smells like… success. An Old Spice commercial campaign has accumulated 373,350,360 views on assorted online sites, vaulting Procter & Gamble to the top spot on a list of the 20 biggest Web video advertisers compiled by Visible Measures.

The list used a proprietary measurement system that considered a combination of the views from video clips related to the brand's campaign--in this case, the Old Spice "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign led the way with 61 million of the 373 million-plus views--the clips uploaded by the brand and agency and the copies and "derivative content" audiences create via "mixes, mashups and spoofs," said a story in Business Insider. The spot also generated 42 million YouTube views.

Google's "Dear Sophie" ad, featuring Lady Gaga, came in second with 341,000,239 views, including 9.603 million on Google Chrome. Nike, with its "Find Your Greatness" campaign, was the final spot to garner over 300 million views, coming in third with 309,236,716, including 5.153 million YouTube views.

Rounding out the top 10 are (4) Samsung's anti-iPhone ad (255.584 million views); (5) Blendtec's blender spot (202.301 million); (6) Evian's baby dance (200.553 million); (7) DC Shoes "Gymkhana" series (181,105 million); (8) Volkswagen's "The Force," (180.273 million); (9) Apple's new product releases (164.966 million) and (10) T-Mobile ads starring Carly Foulkes (164.542 million).

The bottom ten include Microsoft, Doritos, Adidas, Rovio, Gillette, Kia, Pepsi, Axe, Ford and, in 20th place, Coca Cola's "Move to the Beat London 2012" commercial.

The Business Insider story noted that measuring online advertising is "tricky" because "unlike traditional TV advertising, web video is part paid and part earned." It also noted that there is "very little data on the lifecycle effectiveness of online video advertising."

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