Pixorial, Rumblefish in tune on copyright-cleared soundtracks

Social video users who want to make their products look like Hollywood productions--or at least sound like them--will have a new route to follow as a result of a partnership between online video platform provider Pixorial and online music licensing giant Rumblefish that gives Pixorial users access to the "world's largest copyright-cleared soundtrack catalog," the two companies said in a news release.

The goal of the partnership is to provide a road map for Pixorial users to find soundtracks via Rumblefish's music search and recommendation tools and add them to their personal videos for social sharing. The new platform is planned for rollout later this year.

"This partnership makes it even easier for anyone to create memorable videos. We're removing one of the biggest hurdles faced by anyone who has ever tried to add a song to a video and share it publicly," said Pixorial Founder-CEO Andrés Espiñeira in the news release. "Now we provide our users with access to music previously only available to major motion picture producers and advertisers."

The partnership should also clear up some muddy legal waters for the millions who shoot videos and add songs without understanding copyright and licensing requirements. By integrating with the Rumblefish API, Pixorial can integrate its music catalog with its video platform so its users can legally add music to their videos. The Rumblefish soundtrack search and recommendation tools like "MoodMap," "What's the Occasion" and "Editor's Picks," will make it easier to locate that content, the two companies said.

"The perfect soundtrack turns a simple video into a compelling story, and telling great stories is what Pixorial is all about," Rumblefish Founder-CEO Paul Anthony said in the news release. "More and more users are turning to video to express themselves and share the important life moments with friends and family [and] Pixorial can now help its users find just the right soundtrack for any special moment."

According to the press release, Rumblefish research has determined that apps with soundtrack search tools have soundtracks in six times more videos than apps that only offer users music from their personal libraries.

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