PointRoll says Ford in-banner video ads drive interaction

Digital marketing services and technology provider PointRoll said its in-banner video ad campaign for Ford's Drive One campaign saw interaction rates rise 74 percent for expandable video ad units and nearly doubled for non-expandable video ad units, compared to industry benchmarks.

The campaign included both non-expanding ad units, in which the video plays within the banner, and expandable ad units, where the video expands outside of the banner when a user rolls over it. The ads were served on contextually relevant sites, where the ads' subject matter relates directly to the content the consumer is already viewing on a webpage.

The wholly-owned Gannett subsidiary said that users spent 40 percent more time with the Ford brand in comparison to traditional industry benchmarks developed by PointRoll. PointRoll said eight percent of consumers--nearly double the expected 4.5 percent--rolled over, clicked, or took some action with the non-expandable video ads, and 15 percent of users who expanded a panel actually started a video.

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