Prescreen offers access to Indie films; Verizon deepens VoD offering

More news from Fierce:

> Fans of independent movies now have a new place to rent the next hard-to-find film. Prescreen offers independent filmmakers a new way to showcase their films and earn rental fees outside of traditional advertising and distribution channels. Article

> Netflix, which this week announced plans to rename its DVD-by-mail business "Qwikster" and operate it separately from its streaming video business, may be setting the stage to exit that part of the business entirely, analysts said. Article

> Verizon, looking to get ahead of the current video-on-demand pack, has strengthened its deals with Hollywood studios for more content and also negotiated a two-day viewing window on its FiOS TV platform. Article

> SureWest Communications has upgraded its SeaChange-based video-on-demand software to allow subscribers of its IPTV service to watch selected Warner Bros. movies on demand and then buy the DVD or Blu-Ray discs version of the movie for home delivery. Article

> Microsoft is working with Verizon and Comcast to get TV content to its Xbox 360. Article

And finally... A 61-year-old Florida man's plans to rob a store fizzled when a clerk refused to be cowed by his weapon... a firecracker. Article