RealNetworks upgrades RealPlayer for Android using customer feedback

RealNetworks, which has seen it RealPlayer for Android downloaded one million times since its launch in June, is releasing a free upgrade --based almost entirely on the more than one thousand pieces of user feedback it received. The update is available in the Android Market.

The company announced the release on its blog, and listed nearly a dozen feature tweaks and adds. The upgraded player, which helps users control and manage all of their music, videos and photos, now has:

  • A redesigned home screen
  • A widget allowing playback from the home screen
  • Enhanced graphics
  • A feature for videos and song removal
  • An improved way to select directories for music, videos and photos
  • Landscape mode for music playback
  • Music playback by directory folder
  • A quick way to hide video status bar
  • A selection for video aspect ratio
  • Removal of the roulette wheel
  • Support for music playlists playback 

For more:
- check out this blog

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