Report: Netflix, CBS in talks to revive 'Jericho'

Four years after cult-favorite Jericho was cancelled, it still remains a popular show to stream on Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX). Now, it may return to production... on Netflix.

TV Guide Magazine is reporting the streaming video company has approached CBS about bringing the series about a Kansas town following a nuclear blast back, just as it did Fox about reviving another cult favorite, Arrested Development, last year.

The company's negotiations with Fox resulted in a deal to bring Arrested Development and the dysfunctional Bluth family back, after a hiatus that began in 2006, for a run of about 10 episodes expected to start in 2013.

Netflix got exclusive streaming rights for the Fox sitcom.

Whether it'll get the same deal with CBS--and whether it can round up enough of the Jericho cast-it last aired in 2008--to make a go of it is still up in the air, TV Guide said.

The play shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, nor should the choice of shows. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has left no doubt that he wants more, not less, original programming for the company, a la HBO, and the company has tended toward more niche productions.

In addition to Arrested Development, Netflix also has a deal for two seasons of House of Cards, the remake of a British political drama that will star Kevin Spacey. Netflix also got an exclusive to stream Norwegian dramedy Lilyhammer.

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