Roku CEO: Streaming will be the end of Blu-ray

Blu-ray, having fought a long, hard battle to HD video hardware supremacy, will live only a short life before it peaks, then expires in the next couple years.

That's the prediction Roku CEO Anthony Wood made at the TV of Tomorrow Show where, according to Gigaom, he said momentum is shifting to streaming players (like Roku's box, of course) and smart TVs and away from hardware-based systems.

"Will people use blue-ray players in four years? I don't think so," Gigaom quoted Wood saying.

Wood used his keynote speech at the conference as a bully pulpit to hammer home a point that "new customers don't go out and buy game consoles to stream video" and that Roku is working to become a dominant player in the video streaming space--where people apparently are headed as well.

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