Samsung again flirts with Google TV

In what may qualify as the day's "so what?" news, Samsung is planning to make an announcement in January that it's adding the Google TV software platform to its TVs. The company said it hopes to spur demand by adding Google TV, but hasn't decided on the plan's details.

That may be a good thing, as Google TV continues to struggle with getting similar support from Hollywood. Not one of the four big TV networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, currently is allowing their online full-length content to appear on Google TV devices, nor is Hulu, which today unveiled a reduced-price Hulu Plus premium service, currently available on the platform. That leaves Google TV with something less than an abundance of content.

Of course, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the company is working hard to convince Hollywood that a partnership with it would be a good thing... that partnership may eventually take the form of a Hulu plus subscription.

Meanwhile, if Samsung does add Google TV, it first talked about doing so back in September, the CE giant will become the second TV manufacturer to do so. Sony rolled out a line of HDTVs and Blu-ray players in October, hoping to catch a wave of support for Google TV that has yet to materialize.

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