Sony threatens media over reporting on leaked internal docs; Vessel nets $58M in funding round

More online video news from across the Web:

> A lawyer for Sony is threatening news-media outlets with "repercussions" if they report on any of the company's leaked documents from last year's hacking incident, which were recently put online by WikiLeaks. Story

> Aereo settled copyright claims with the broadcasters that sued it out of existence, bargaining them down to just $950,000, less than a penny per dollar of the original $99 million in claims awarded. Story

> Vessel has raised another $58 million in capital in its latest fundraising round, taking its total funding to over $134 million. Story

> Nine online video terms that need to die, including "online video." Story

> HBO sent takedown notices to Twitter-owned live-streaming app Periscope after noticing that several users were using it to illegally broadcast the season-premiere episode of Game of Thrones. Story

> HBO is also getting serious about VPN masking of HBO Now, emailing warnings to user accounts suspected of streaming its OTT service through a proxy. Story

> Viewers "love" mobile ads, YouTube says, noting that they're 1.4 times more likely to watch an ad on a mobile device than on TV or a desktop computer. Story

> Netflix will take on more ownership of its original programming, CEO Reed Hastings told Bloomberg. Story

And finally … President Obama is set to tweak Florida's ostrich beak this afternoon when he delivers an Earth Day speech about climate change from the Everglades. Florida, of course, banned use of the term "climate change" by its state workers earlier this year. Video