Sorenson Media offers developers access to Sorenson 360 API

Sorenson Media today announced it was making its Sorenson 360 API available to developers and business users to help them create high-quality, customized video solutions using minimal coding.

Opening up access to the API should help users cut development time for websites with full video functionality.

Users with a Sorenson 360 account can download the native language binding of their choice and quickly begin managing custom video content. Along with native language bindings, the interfaces are documented on Sorenson Media's live API documentation server, where developers can test-drive the API's and view the results in real-time, giving them a clear understanding of how things work without having to write code.

"Until this point, we've approached working with companies on a one-on-one basis, a private bastion," Eric Quanstrom, VP of marketing and strategy told FierceOnlineVideo. "This announcement takes the lid off a lot of hard work that we hope the market will be receptive to."

The key, the company said, was making the workflow seamless and as easy to use as possible.

"At Sorenson, we use these APIs internally to integrate our products, and we've worked to make the process as simple as possible to integrate with our total solution," said CTO Mike Flathers. "So, from start to finish--from ingestion, to transcoding, to publishing and delivery--we've made workflow easy. It became obvious to us that a third-party might want to take advantage of the same thing. To do that, simplicity was key."

The company recently helped Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) launch a new online video site that features a video wall of McCain supporters. The site gave backers a forum to voice their opinions on the candidate, and gave the campaign the opportunity to feature the UGC.

"The McCain people didn't really have a lot of video experience, but we were able to get the wall up and running in a week and a half," said Flathers. "They were able to keep their branding, their stamp on everything even though it was user-generated content, and they were able to manage the flow from end to end. We kept it simple."

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