SPOTLIGHT: Online video ads: Ready to roll in Europe!

eMarketer declares online marketers in Europe haven't been so excited since the introduction of animated .gifs. On the other hand, there are plenty of formats to choose from, ranging from in-stream video to in-text video, and lots of confusing jargon to confuse the issue. Consumers perceive video ads to be like TV ads; either fun and informative or irritating.

Online video ad spends are currently estimated at less than four percent of all Internet advertising, but projections expect that amount to triple by 2011.  JupiterResearch says almost 30 percent of U.K. Internet users watched online video ads in 2007, substantially up from 8 percent in 2006 while an IBM-sponsored study found that 71 percent of German Internet users over the age of 18 had watched online video.

You can find the eMarketer summary about Europe Online Video Advertising here.

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