Starz light on Netflix; say it'll hold back new series from day-after streaming

Add Starz to the growing list of content providers who are beginning to look askance at Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). The Liberty Media property Thursday said it would not be providing Netflix with day-after rights to its newest drama, Camelot, instead making episodes available after 90 days instead.

The company, which currently allows Netflix to stream movies from Disney Pictures and Sony Pictures the same day it does, says it plans to withhold those releases as well, something Netflix says is not allowed under the current content agreement between the companies.

Earlier this week, CBS-owned Showtime said it would stop making original series like Dexter and Californication available to Netflix for streaming the day after they aired, instead focusing on making only content available that was no longer in production.

Netflix last week announced that it had reached a deal for streaming rights to its own original content, a remake of the novel and British miniseries House of Cards. Netflix said the deal called for at least 26 episodes of the political drama.

As Netflix's subscriber base has grown-it is expected to be in the ranges of 22 to 23 million this quarter-content providers have grown equally as wary of the company many of them once viewed as a partner, seeing it instead as a competitor.

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