Suppose.TV enables comparison shopping for DirecTV Now, Hulu and more

Suppose says it offers unbiased search results based on the user’s choice of channels and preferences among providers. (

Suppose.TV offers a new service aimed at allowing consumers to compare and contrast streaming TV services and find the best option.

The explosion of virtual MVPDs in the past two years has given consumers a wealth of options for TV service outside of the traditional pay TV ecosystem. Since 2015, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu Live, fuboTV, and CenturyLink have all entered the space. But slight variances in pricing, channel availability and additional features can make picking the right one seem like a daunting task.

Suppose says it offers unbiased search results based on the user’s choice of channels and preferences among providers, devices or other service features. Suppose’s algorithm filters and prioritizes the options, and gives users the best choices ordered by the lowest costs.

Right now, Suppose covers the top 50 markets in the U.S. for options including local channels and regional sports networks, but the service is expecting to add more markets.

The results are sometimes not what you’d expect. For instance, a search with CBS and Fox News as channel preferences turns up a combination of CBS All Access and DirecTV Now’s Live a Little package (at $41 per month combined) as the best option, which is notable since DirecTV Now is the only vMVPD that has yet to sign a distribution deal with CBS.

"Many consumers are asking themselves if they can benefit by switching providers, and what they may have to give up to realize any savings. There is no simple way to answer that question. Consumers need tools to make the comparison easier, particularly now there are new options from providers like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue to consider," said Colin Dixon, founder and chief analyst of nScreenMedia, in a statement.

Suppose co-founder John Tantum said he and co-founder Andrew Shapiro have worked in telecom and media for many years and have watched as many different vMVPDs and other direct-to-consumer streaming services have popped.

“It creates a very complicated choice for consumers,” Tantum said, adding that Suppose wanted to create a tool for sifting through all the options.

Tantum said that after Suppose emerged and launched in beta, it has received offers from service providers for help with building its database. But the product offered in beta right now was built independently. Still, considering the fluidity of these services and the changes to pricing and channel availability, Suppose is hoping to have service providers’ help in tracking the changes.