Survey says people are ready for Apple TV

If Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) ever gets serious about Apple TV (assuming it's not and just not saying so), there will be an audience ready and waiting for a "disruptive impact on the consumer electronics and entertainment landscape," according to a study conducted by Quixel Research and TFCInfo.  

On the other hand, if Apple doesn't get into the Internet TV business, things might not be nearly so exciting for connected TVs, responses from the 1,169 current and potential flat-screen TV owners indicated to the research firm for the report titled, "The Projected Impact of Apple iTV and Other Connected Devices on Consumer Entertainment."

"Our research shows that there's a major disconnect between current 'smart' or Internet-enabled TVs and consumers. Despite thousands of available apps, digital content is only being streamed by 50 percent of these owners on a daily or weekly basis and more than 80 percent said that this content was being used just for playing movies," Tamaryn Pratt, president of Quixel Research said in a news release.

Throw Apple into the equation and things change, the researchers said, noting that intent to purchase a connected TV is something on the minds of 88 percent of Apple owners and that 80 percent of all current flat-panel TV owners said they would be extremely, very, or somewhat interested in purchasing a new Apple TV if it included features generally attributed to the company.

An Apple TV, Pratt concluded, "could ultimately disrupt the home entertainment industry in the same way the company forever changed the computer, music, mobile phone, tablet, publishing and retail industries."

Among other findings in the report are an interesting tidbit about how far people are willing to go to access TV for their TV screens. While 23 percent of respondents said they move content daily from a second screen to a TV, the majority "are not willing to pay more to 'throw' it from one device to another." A high minority of 41 percent said they would pay more to move movies.

Also, the report dished out some bad news on the advanced features front as the survey respondents indicated that 3D, voice and gesture commands, touch screens and portability "do not resonate highly" and "rate the lowest of all television features desired."

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