Telestream adds 'power editing' to ScreenFlow 2.0

Telestream debuted an updated version of its popular ScreenFlow screencasting studio software for the Mac, capable of exporting and uploading SD and HD screencasts directly to YouTube with new 2D and 3D transitions. ScreenFlow 2.0 allows users to add effects to their video productions, has new editing controls, video speed adjustments, audio level adjustments, keyboard shortcuts and an easier way to create document packages.

ScreenFlow's software toolkit that makes it easy for software developers, trainers, educators, and bloggers to capture, edit and create professional-quality screen recordings and video tutorials for the web. The four-time award winning screencasting software is useful for the creation of training and promotional video tutorials that enhance learning experiences, presentations and product demonstrations.

ScreenFlow 2.0's handling of audio also has upgraded. Its audio ducking feature automatically lowers the volume of one audio when a second audio track begins. Add a voiceover, for example, and background music fades, well, to the background. A pretty cool feature, especially since the music comes back up when the voice track ends. Audio and video also can be edited independently--which is easier with the addition of new keyboard shortcuts for pausing, recording, zooming and resizing.

Talk to Telestream and you'll find the company's mantra repeats: make it simple. It's true to its word in the way ScreenFlow 2.0 streamlines the creation process. Users store all their clips and other media within a single package. Another time saver: Version 2.0 allows users to copy and paste clips between documents. 

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