Tennent online video campaign may be bellwether of faster shift from TV to OTT

Could beer show the way to online ad profits? As OTT video ad spending begins its upward growth, U.S. advertisers might be wise to keep an eye on the way a single Scottish company tackles next-generation ad strategy--and how its millennial-aged consumers respond.

Scotland-based lager producer Tennent is launching an online-focused campaign titled "Wellpark," which will feature 30 short comedic online videos to be distributed across its platforms and YouTube this summer. The Drum reports that the shorts will be released every few days until the end of July, with many of them produced within 48 hours in order to stay in tune with world events.

Some TV and movie theater ads will be produced as well, but the focus is on OTT and the millennial-aged consumers that Tennent wants to reach.

"The key thing for us was relevance. To connect with a digitally savvy audience in their early twenties, you've got to behave a bit differently, and we know that more traditional promotional activity doesn't always work," Jordan McKenna, a brand marketing executive for Tennent, told The Drum.

To do that, the campaign puts content ahead of the advertising message.

Social media engagement will also be a part of Tennent's campaign, with WireMedia handling that aspect.

Despite being relatively new to the advertising landscape, online video is poised to take a huge share of campaigns that traditionally would have been seen on television. One reason for that is the amount of influence online advertising has on consumers.

A poll of UK consumers by Online Video Barometer found that 93 percent of respondents had "positive feelings" toward products and services featured in a video on YouTube. Even more interesting, 89 percent of respondents said they were more likely to buy a product or service if they saw a good video review of it online. Nearly half of the respondents said they would be more likely to investigate a product they saw featured in a YouTube video.

With results like that, it may not be long before other brands begin directing their efforts toward capturing audiences showing that much enthusiasm.

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