thePlatform helps programmers tune in to 'TV Everywhere'

As “TV Everywhere” begins to make its presence felt with full rollouts and more trials -- Comcast says it’s looking to make its On Demand Online service available by the middle of December -- the complexity of authentication and authorization for programming networks with content appearing on multiple service providers has been a major point of focus for companies on the front lines of the push. Comcast’s white-label OVP and content management subsidiary thePlatform is introducing a new suite of tools for programmers who want “TV Everywhere” capabilities on their websites.

For those companies, the key is not so much getting their content delivered, as it is making certain they receive the payments they’re entitled to, and that their media rights remain intact.

“Programmers have some unique challenges, working with many different service providers,” Marty Roberts, vice president of marketing for thePlatform, told FierceOnlineVideo. “One of the biggest challenges they face is authentication of subscribers: How do we know that you’re a subscriber?; What does your subscription package entitle you to view?; What are the specific media rights associated with an individual show?

“As complex as that is, factor in multiple service providers offering the same show with different channel IDs,” he added. “thePlatform’s video management system provides the flexible authorization tools necessary.”

Already managing the backend of Comcast’s On Demand Online trial for some 5,000 customers, Robert says thePlatform is looking for ways to make certain programmers’ experience with similar services are as uncomplicated as possible and, obviously, profitable.

Tailoring the content delivery process, actually determining what the subscriber sees when he accesses a programmer’s website, is another one of the variables thePlatform can control.

“For many of the programmers, the question is: Should individual subscribers see all the content a programmer has so there’s a chance at an upsell? Or should they simply see the videos that they have access to?” said Roberts. “We can tailor the website exposure to adjust the service that individual subscriber has access to. All of this is based on our standard suite of video services.”

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