Twitch gamer saved during live-streamed home invasion; Google Play adds offline viewing

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> A gamer who was live-streaming her gameplay via Twitch was saved by people viewing the game when they saw (through her split-screen view) armed intruders breaking into her apartment. Story

> After a one-week delay, Aereo made its live-streaming service available on Google Chromecast June 5. Story

> Chromebook owners can now watch Google Play movies and TV series offline, by downloading the latest version of the app. Story

> Subway is upping its online marketing strategy with a sandwich-heavy comedy series, Summer with Cimorelli, debuting this month on YouTube MCN AwesomenessTV. Story

> Sandvine to Google and Netflix on ISP streaming speeds: no, you're both wrong. Story

> Paula Deen plans to launch a new cooking network in September. Story

> Sony's newly introduced PlayStation TV could be a key component of a rumored pay-TV service. Story

And finally … T. Boone Pickens once shot back to a Drake quip that the first million is the hardest, saying, "The first billion is a helluva lot harder." Well, Reed Hastings will most likely be able to speak to that experience, as his net worth shot past $1 billion this year, thanks to Netflix's $425-plus-per-share stock price. Story