Twitch hammered by angry users after service terms change; 'dark social' apps attract advertisers

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> Facebook is pacing Twitter when it comes to social TV. Story

> Twitch got "an incredible amount of feedback," mostly negative, after implementing changes to its terms of service that include muting unlicensed music detected in on-demand videos on the site. Story

> Less than half of Netflix subscribers watch Emmy nominees House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black. Story

> A Denver resident, D.C. Barns, will appear in the upcoming Star Wars movie after winning the Force for Change donation challenge, a video on the Star Wars YouTube channel announced. The challenge raised over $4 million for UNICEF. Video

> Brightcove apologized to STV and viewers after its live stream of a key debate on the Scottish Independence Referendum failed, due to a "manual configuration error" that prevented it from scaling to meet traffic demand. Story

> YouTube has purchased Boston startup Directr and will offer the business-focused video storyboarding software for free. Story

> TV shows are more popular on Netflix than movies, a GfK survey found. Story

> The battle goes on at Amazon, this time with Disney and the Muppets in the crosshairs. Story

> Buzzfeed has raised $50 million to spearhead a leap from "listicles" to more robust offerings including original video content. Story

> Amazon's third pilot season premieres Aug. 28. Story

> Pay-TV operators may choose the IP route to deliver 4K UHD video, bypassing the set-top box and competing directly with OTT providers in the 4K arena, ABI Research posits. Story

> Vidmind, a white-label streaming service, raised $30 million from Trellas, Russia's version of Wal-Mart, which will soon launch a combined pay TV and OTT service, TVzor. Story

> CBS is developing an Internet-only television series. Story

> Fears that mega-consolidation among pay TV operators will doom small independent TV stations spurred a flurry of letter writing to the FCC by viewers of RFD-TV. Story

> Should corporate video producers choose live streaming or VOD for their company events? Op-ed

And finally… Hulu is among several cable channels and other providers testing the advertising waters of "dark social," or apps that give their users anonymity. Story