Two popular YouTube series winding down in 2014

Two of the more popular series on YouTube are planning to end their runs in 2014, TubeFilter notes. On Monday, Ray William Johnson, the creator of the hit "=3" (pronounced "equals three"), tweeted that he plans to end the show this year.

Philip DeFranco Show

(Screengrab: YouTube / The Philip DeFranco Show)

That followed a similar announcement from Philip DeFranco. He said earlier in December that 2014 could see the end of his series "The Philip DeFranco Show."

Johnson's channel, where he comments on other popular videos online, has amassed more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

In May 2013, Johnson reportedly signed a deal with FX Networks to develop scripts, and his new scripted comedy series about time travel, "Riley Rewind," recently began on Facebook and YouTube.

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