U.S. viewers watch 40.9 billion videos in November

ComScore reported U.S. Internet viewers watched 40.9 billion videos last month, spending an average of 20.5 hours watching content.

Some 82 percent of videos watched were on Google sites, primarily YouTube, which recorded 151.6 million unique viewers who watched 20.5 billion videos, spending 7.4 hours watching video in November. Catch-up site Hulu ranked eighth in unique views with 31.1 million, but was second in videos viewed (1 million), and in viewer engagement as the average users watching 3.3 hours of video.

Video ad viewing grew along with overall video viewing in November, comScore said. Hulu had the highest number of video ad views at 1.3 billion, follower by Tremor Media with 1.1 billion and Adap.tv with 1 million. Video ads reached more than half the total U.S. population in November and average of 45 times per month..

Worldwide, the measuring company said, more than 200 billion videos were viewed in October, its inaugural month for reporting global numbers. ComScore said 1.2 billion people watched online video with 88.3 billion videos being viewed on YouTube. Chinese video aggregator Youku was second with 4.6 billion videos viewed.

"As global broadband connectivity continues to rise, online video viewing has taken off in a big way and has become a fully integrated component of the digital content experience," said Dan Piech, comScore product manager for video. "With the introduction of comScore's global measurement of online video viewing, multinational media brands and advertisers can now gain a more comprehensive understanding of how online video reaches audiences around the world."

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