VBrick's Rich Media Desktop a boon to enterprises looking for simple, quality content creation

VBrick Systems, which in January bought online video platform Fliqz, is rolling out one of the fruits of that acquisition. Its Rich Media Desktop is designed to make the creation and distribution of live and on-demand video content easy enough for, well, a CEO.

"VBrick's RMD democratizes the world of video desktop publishing by enabling both the novice and the professional to create the kinds of high-end presentations that usually take weeks to create and cost thousands of dollars," said VBrick's COO John Shaw .

"We went out into the market to survey the use of IP video and found that it was accelerating across the board," Michael Rubin, VP of marketing for VBrick, told FierceOnlineVideo. "It's being used for executive communications, training, collaboration, and it's being used more often."

One problem, he said, has been the lack of easy-to-use and affordable solutions available to create professional-looking video, especially across multiple layers of an enterprise.

"On the consumer side there are a number of acceptable products," he said. "But they're really not adequate for the enterprise... to do that has been expensive, highly technical and it really has been inaccessible to the average employee."

With the Rich Media Desktop, Rubin said, users can easily capture video, add additional elements like music, stock video, or PowerPoint presentations and stream it live with no pre- or post-production work.

Teodros Gessesse, the RMD product manager, said the platform lowers the bar on the other technology needed to produce high-quality, high-definition live video streams.

"You, literally, can do it with a $79 web camera and a laptop," he said.

The platform supports picture-in-picture and side-by-side display, has a simple interface for putting titles on video shots and to call up other video or files, and is user definable, although it comes with a set of recommended preset profiles. RMD supports an extensive variety of streaming capabilities including Flash, Windows Media Player, QuickTime and a myriad of mobile device formats.

RMD is one example of the integration of VBrick and Fliqz, Rubin said. The product gives Fliqz users a high-end tool to create compelling content. Because Fliqz is integrated with VBrick's existing Online Streaming Service (VBoss), RMD becomes an even more powerful tool for users to create and stream high-quality, presentations live and on-demand.

"What we have done is [helped] to create the capability to efficiently do a broadcast and make it available for immediate [use]," added Gessesse. "It's one solution, no need for anything in between, no need to create another relationship with a video platform when you're ready to distribute your content. It can go out to employees via multicasting behind a firewall, or be pushed out to employees over the public Internet. This is a product that's enterprise ready."

The product will be available in May, Rubin said.

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