Verizon lobbies FCC to enact OTT-friendly rules; Samit appointed CEO of SeaChange

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> Google Chromecast users have now hit the "cast" button more than 650 million times. Story

> Applying legacy cable rules to new Web-based services would hurt those services, Verizon told the FCC. Story

> Netflix jumps into the opinion ring on … wireless incentive auctions? Filing

> Vdopia has launched what it calls a "scalable mobile video marketplace" called "Chocolate" which runs on a new proprietary file extension, .vdo. Because what the industry needs is another nonstandard file extension loading onto users' browsers. Release

> "It's not a mystery why Verizon is lobbying the FCC to bolster online video while other providers like Comcast are cautious about the idea. Verizon is planning to launch its own online video service next year," a National Journal article says. Story

> Google's projected $15 per month pricing for its online service: it's a trap! Story

> Digital media veteran Jay Samit has been appointed CEO of SeaChange International. Release

> A new digital tuner for Microsoft's Xbox One, which allows users to stream broadcast TV signals from their console out to their tablets or other mobile devices, went on sale Tuesday in five European countries. Story

> Netflix's new 4K tier is a bargain at $11.99, says The Diffusion Group, and will provide significant competition for pay-TV providers trying to get into the 4K game. Post

> Nielsen and Adobe are allying to measure digital video viewership across all online platforms. Story

> Mobile operators may lose as much as $14 billion in revenue this year to OTT apps, like WhatsApp, that replace voice and messaging services. Release

And finally… Mark Cuban explains why he just bought 50,000 shares of Netflix stock and plans to never sell it: it's the "epicenter for content and growth right now." Video