Viacom-Google spat nearing resolution

The Google-Viacom spat over copyright infringement by YouTube may finally have entered the endgame with both sides asking for a summary judgment from the federal court hearing the case. The Wall Street Journal's Peter Kafka writes that the requests in three-year legal battle were filed at the end of December, and that a decision could set a major legal precedent.

In its filing, Google reiterated its stance that is doesn't knowingly play of store copyrighted content on its site; and leans on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act for protection if it does.

Viacom, meanwhile restates that Google and YouTube are aware of their content -- copy righted and un-copyrighted -- and that they make money from it. That peels back the protection of the DMCA.

Much of the document is redacted, but Kafka has several pages here.

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