Vimeo courts independent filmmakers with $10K commitments

Vimeo, the online video site that recently introduced a video on demand offering, is trying to attract independent filmmakers to post their movies on the site during an exclusive window in exchange for $10,000 up front.

Vimeo made the proposal at the Toronto International Film Festival. The $10,000 payment would be an advance on the revenue generated from the Vimeo on Demand store, where filmmakers can set the price, usage policies and regional access to their work.

The deal Vimeo is offering would give filmmakers the chance to sell their work to other distributors after 30 days or sooner should the movie generate $10,000 in sales, according to several press reports. Additionally, any filmmaker who took Vimeo's deal could also seek theatrical distribution during the exclusive window--the exclusivity provision only covers digital sales.

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