Wal-Mart shuts down Vudu's adult movie store

Sex sells, but Wal-Mart's not buying.

Por--ahem--adult movies are the cash cows on the Internet. But squeaky-clean Wal-Mart--which already bans music with explicit lyrics from its stores--has decided money from dirty online videos is money it can do without. Just two day after it agreed to buy online movie service Vudu--which came with an adult movie section that has hundreds of titles to stream--the retailer has pulled the plug on that segment of the business.

An email from Vudu to its "After Dark" customers lets them know that the service will be discontinued "over the coming days" as Wal-Mart begins to impose its own corporate culture on its latest acquisition. Customers with existing contracts for Vudu's risqué content will reimbursed as accounts are settled.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson told Tech Crunch "I can confirm that we no longer offer that content and that customers who previously purchased movies with adult content will receive a full refund."

Prissy, prissy, prissy.

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