Week in research: Australian real-time video ad industry booming; Super Bowl ads benefiting from online sharing

Australian real-time video ads performing well: A quarterly research report by online video marketing firm TubeMogul found the Australian online video market is experiencing strong growth and high demand, particularly for real-time ads. The study highlights the impact of and demand for pre-roll advertising, which consists of a commercial playing before or during a viewer's video. "Although pre-roll ads available for real-time buying are growing 7.9 percent per month in 2012 and now top 16.2 million impressions per day, inventory is very tight amid higher demand," TubeMogul reported. Report

Image source: TubeMogul "Quarterly Research Report"

Super Bowl ads benefiting from streaming video sharing: Commercials that ran during the 2013 Super Bowl continue to get air time after the game due to online video streaming and sharing, reports VidBlog. Different ads, however, garnered dramatically different levels of shares per view. While Psy's Wonderful Pistachio commercial was shared only 2.1 percent of the time after a viewer watched the commercial online, Ram Trucks' "Farmer" commercial had the highest average share rate of any Super Bowl ad at 22.4 percent. "[S]treaming video has made it easy to see a favorite commercial over and over again, and that must help ease the pain an advertiser feels after paying $4 million to show up for what amounts to a fleeting glance on Super Bowl Sunday," added VidBlogPost