Week in research: Ooyala reports live video trumps VOD; Videology shows online video helps ad recall

Ooyala reports spike in video streaming during 2012 holiday season: New research from Ooyala shows several positive trends for the online video industry during 2012, most notably a 91 percent conversion rate between Black Friday and mid-December. Consumers also watched live video on desktops 18 times longer than VOD content, proving live video is "highly engaging," said the report. Consumers also spent almost 33 percent of their total time on tablets watching premium content longer than 60 minutes. Study

Videology finds action conversion rates increase with online video ads: Digital advertising platform and solutions provider Videology found in a new study that action conversion rates--measures used to predict the likelihood that a consumer will purchase a product--increased 40 percent when viewers were exposed to both TV and online video ads as opposed to those who were exposed only to TV ads. Ad recall was also 10 percent higher for those who viewed both than those who viewed only TV ads, and 5 percent higher than those who viewed only online video ads. Report

Nielsen will integrate online TV viewing into ratings: Nielsen announced recently that it will soon incorporate information from new platforms into its well-respected TV ratings reports. CBC News said the research company will include broadband, Xbox and iPad data in studies because those viewing hours now represent a significant share of the market. "Nielsen also conducted research into homes that did not fit the current definition," explained Nielsen Vice President Pat McDonough. "We found that many of these homes still had TVs but were using a broadband source to view content." Article