Winds of change blowing at Fierce

(Sam Bookman / FierceOnlineVideo)
Sam Bookman Editors Corner

Today marks my last official day as the editor of FierceOnlineVideo. While the weekly publication will be continuing, I’ll be shifting to a new role within FierceMarkets, providing support and guidance to publications across the industry verticals we cover.

It’s been an amazing, strange time over the nearly four years that I’ve been covering the online video market, which add to my decade reporting on the telecommunications industry in general. Online video has gone through tremendous change in an incredibly short period of time, and I’ve been privileged to document essentially the first wave of this new viewing medium.

Our news coverage has morphed along with the changes in the OTT video space. When I first began covering the beat, FierceOnlineVideo’s weekly publication rate was enough to encompass the major business news in the segment. But that changed quickly – as pay-TV operators looked for a way to capitalize on the rise of over-the-top video streaming, their distribution strategies and, gradually, their transmission infrastructure began to change as well.

FierceBroadcasting, our newest publication, reflects this massive shift in the programming space. Ecosystem providers, distributors, networks and other companies are now in the thick of a transition to IP-based video – from the camera in the field back to the studio, and from playout facilities to the pay-TV distributor and the viewer’s end device. This daily newsletter keeps an eye on the major players influencing change – not disruption, we’re well past disruption by now – in the media and entertainment and IP technology industry segments.

If you haven’t done so yet, sign up for the daily FierceBroadcasting newsletter. Along with FierceCable and FierceOnlineVideo, Ben Munson’s coverage will round out your view of the video industry and where it’s heading in the future.

And in the meantime, I’ll still be around: look me up on Twitter @FierceSamantha. It’s been real. – Sam