Wireless providers including Verizon line up to grab broadcasters' 600 MHz spectrum

As broadcasters prepare to release much of the coveted 600 MHz spectrum for the Federal Communications Commission's incentive auction, bidders are lining up. And the commission has released the names of the 104 applicants, including Verizon and T-Mobile, two wireless carriers that are also competing to win viewers on their go90 and Binge On over the top services.

But a number of concerns remain for the auction's hopefuls. For one, broadcasters need to release enough of the spectrum to make it worthwhile -- more than 80 MHz needs to be available, and most players are predicting that about 100 MHz will be freed up once the broadcasters' submission process is complete. Furthermore, some are worried that a large disruptor may outbid other hopefuls for the bulk of the available spectrum.

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