Yahoo may be a juicy acquisition target; Thexton leaves Cisco video unit for YouView

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> Yahoo's failure to make key online video acquisitions like Twitch, Maker Studios and Hulu are among the many reasons the company may soon become acquisition prey. Story

> Nick Thexton, currently VP and CTO for Cisco's Video Software Solutions Group, is leaving the manufacturer to take on the role of CTO at YouView, starting Nov. 2. Story

> Disney movies are once again available for pre-order at Amazon as the two giants are reportedly close to settling their differences. Story

> What the freak is cloud computing? Amazon Web Services posted an online video to educate the uninitiated in 3 minutes in a soothing voice. Video

> Roku is getting more aggressive about signing commercial deals with its more successful app publishers. Story

> Want to watch soccer (ahem, futbol) in Spain? Be prepared to shell out the most money in Europe to access all the matches in a season: €51.21 per month on average for pay-TV, compared to €49.86 in the UK and €39.90 in Germany. It's much cheaper to watch online, at €18--but still the second-highest cost in Europe behind the UK at €54.92. Story

> The second season of original series Alpha House is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Instant Video beginning Oct. 24. Release

> Over 10 quarters, Netflix's streaming volume climbed 350 percent, TDG says. Release

> Belgacom has signed an agreement with Netflix to bring the service to its Proximus TV set-top box before year-end. Story

> Google led a pack of technology companies, including Facebook, Yelp and Yahoo, in leaving the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) over its position on renewable energy. Story

> Silicon Valley's frat-house culture may soon face its own "NFL moment" regarding unacceptable behavior toward women. Story

> Cable Europe EVP Matthias Kurth said at a Media Platform 2014 keynote that cable operators just want a "level playing field" against OTT and linear TV providers. Story

> Microsoft and Google are leading an effort to map Rio de Janeiro's favelas, the informal settlements that make up nearly one-quarter of the city's population. Story

And finally… The iconic era of Saturday morning cartoons is "officially dead." Story