YouTube celebrates 3rd-sale anniversary with a billion-a-day logo

Just how big is YouTube ... really? Last week, comScore reported the video behemoth popped the 10-billion views a month bubble in the United States, but YouTube CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley wrote in his blog today that the video hub actually was serving up "well over a billion views a day," or more than 30 billion a month worldwide. 

What's the secret to YouTube's success? Hurley said speed of video load and playback was one key and gave props to open platforms that "open up possibility."

The 30 billion number shouldn't be too big a surprise, since it was reported in June that the U.S. numbers represent just about a quarter of the worldwide view.

How's YouTube celebrating the third birthday of its $1.65 billion sale to Google (yep, today's the day), in addition to singing a round of "For he's a really big fellow?" Check out the new logo on its website. Maybe the billion-a-day mark seems like expected news, but somebody at YouTube was still impressed by it. TechCrunch reports the logo files name as "logo_holy_crap_1bn_a_day". Holy crap indeed.

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