YouTube launches curated user-generated news service; pirate streaming service cCloud relaunches

More online video news from across the Web:

> YouTube is rolling out a curated, user-generated news service called YouTube Newswire, along with two new groups, the First Draft Coalition and WITNESS Media Lab, to verify and analyze videos. Blog post

> Television is going to win this whole OTT revolution thing, media personality Michael Wolff told CBS This Morning while stumping for his new book, Television is the New Television. CBSNews video

> Enterprises should take a closer look at adding online video to their forward-facing websites. Forbes article

> The newest Amazon original series, Catastrophe, debuted on Prime Instant Video. Release

> An ExStreamist survey found that 79 percent of Netflix users would prefer paying a higher subscription rate than ever watching ads on the SVOD service. Exstreamist article

> Amazon Web Services updated its CloudFront platform to enable additional control over its content caching services. Release

> Channel Master is adding live Internet streams to its over-the-air DVR. Release

> Sony filed a report on its streaming content security technology, Passage, with the FCC. Filing (PDF)

> More from the piracy front, as cCloud TV launched (or rather, re-launched after being kicked off GitHub in May) with 500-plus IPTV channels streaming illegally on its service. article

Cable News

> Time Warner Cable, come on down: You're the recipient of the FCC's first official net neutrality complaint, filed by live webcam operator Commercial Network Services. Article

> Tennis Channel has signed a multiyear agreement with Neulion to bring its TV Everywhere and SVOD offerings to more platforms and markets. Article

Telecom News

> Zayo Group has upgraded its Ethernet backbone, both in the U.S. and internationally, from 10G to 100G to meet capacity needs. Article

Wireless Tech News

> The ITU has made a step forward in its work on defining 5G, officially naming the rules it's developing for enhanced mobile broadband as "IMT-2020." Well, it's a start. Article

Wireless News

> Verizon Wireless' upcoming OTT service will support sponsored data, with advertisers subsidizing the cost of subscribers' video consumption. Article

> Broadcasters are putting the pressure on the FCC after the commission denied several petitions related to rules around next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz of broadcast spectrum. Article

And finally… Think helicopter parenting is tough enough for kids? Thanks to ubiquitous smartphones and social media, older siblings are closely monitoring their younger brothers and sisters--perhaps more so than their parents. WSJ article (sub.req.)