YouTube users upload a day's worth of online video content every minute

YouTube's content may not be getting all that much better, but there's certainly a lot more of it ... in fact, the mammoth video hub announced today that users were uploading some 24 hours of video to the platform every minute. That's up 20 percent from last May when YouTube announced it had topped 20 hours of uploads every minute.

What's scary is that the graph of upload growth looks pretty consistent, meaning that, if you can assume roughly 20 percent growth every 10 months, YouTube users will be uploading a year's worth of dancing cats to the site every minute in about, oh, 40 years.

Director of Product Management Hunter Walk wrote on the YouTube blog that the milestone "speaks to the role video plays in connecting and changing the world one upload at a time." It also begs the question, "When will YouTube turn a profit?"

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