Dish turns to Quantum Metric for consumer behavior data

Dish Network
(Dish Network)

Dish has announced a new partnership with Quantum Metric to capture and analyze consumer behavior across all existing Dish technologies.

Through this collaboration, Quantum Metric will help Dish analyze technical and behavioral indicators while creating optimized in-page analytics to gauge user perspective. This includes the ability for Dish to get visibility into its video playback experience around user segmentation, that lets the company identify user behaviors and understand how they impact the company's core KPIs like customer engagement scores and time to watch. Quantum Metric has said all analyzed data will remain anonymous.

"As Dish aims to build products centered around their customers, our technology will give them the ability to understand all digital touchpoints and deliver critical insights to improve their digital properties across the entirety of their expanding business," said Mario Ciabarra, CEO and founder of Quantum Metric, in a statement. "We specialize in helping companies build innovative products that customers love, and we look forward to helping Dish improve their digital engagement."

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The announcement comes as the coronavirus pandemic continues to increase cord-cutting pressure and customer demand for digital, forcing companies to reevaluate digital site experiences. Now more than ever, businesses like Dish are digitizing at least some aspects of their business, modernizing outdated systems and prioritizing product decisions that are based on direct consumer data. A partnership between Dish and Quantum Metric is expected to provide insight to millions of households.

"Dish is always looking for innovative ways to differentiate and improve our products, which is why we're excited to work with Quantum Metric to better understand our subscribers' preferences and behaviors," said Robert Sadler, Director of Product Development for Dish, in a statement. "With these insights, we'll be able to better understand technical and experience gaps in real-time to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with a world class viewing experience."