Ankeena Networks - Top Online Video Company: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15

Ankeena Networks

Where it's based: Santa Clara, Calif.
When it was founded: 2008
Investors: Clearstone Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, Trinity Ventures, Juniper Networks, other private investors


Why it's Fierce:  Ankeena's a young company but it's already making its mark in the adaptive streaming market, launching its Media Flow Director in April this year and following up with a 2.0 version in November that takes the infrastructure solutions company to three-screen delivery capabilities. The company's software will work on off-the-shelf servers and is a relatively low-cost solution for companies -- like ISPs -- looking to get into the CDN space on a local level.

The company says its goal is to enable TV-like viewing experience at lower costs and says that its purpose-built software is designed to intelligently and cost effectively support the distribution requirements of online video and other high-quality media.

Ankeena, formerly Nokeena (it changed its name in September to avoid a trademark dispute), hopes to edge its way into two primary market segments, service providers -- like ISPs, telcos and MSOs -- and "anyone delivering large amounts of content" -- including media companies, CDNs and content aggregators. It sees CDNs as a good fit because MFD 2.0 eliminates having to rack and stack different media servers. Ankeena's competition is primarily home-grown solutions, it says, although there are proprietary hardware solutions such as Edgeware, and Verivue, but the company says it feels it's established itself in the marketplace already.

Ankeena received $8.7 million in Series A funding from Clearstone Venture Partners and Trinity in August, 2008. In June, 2009 the company received an additional $6.5 million in new venture capital funding led by Mayfield Fund, with participation by existing and strategic investors. This new infusion of capital takes the company's total funding to $15 million to date. In October, the company announced it would partner with Juniper Networks on streaming solutions for telcos, MSOs and ISPs. At the time of the announcement, Ankeena said Juniperhad invested in Ankeena at a "fairly good level."

Ankeena Networks - Top Online Video Company: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15