EdgeCast - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15


Where it's based: Los Angeles, Calif.
When it was founded: 2006
Investors: Steamboat Ventures, founding team and undisclosed strategic investors
Website: www.edgecast.com


Why it's Fierce: EdgeCast is a CDN on a roll. It started the year with just 200-some customers and now has 450 direct customers and 550 resellers, a bonus in that the resellers in effect extend EdgeCast's own sales force and help spread the word, not to mention rake in what is essentially passive revenue.

And that revenue has helped EdgeCast's bottom line, as in helped make it black. The CDN has seen two straight profitable quarters, and that's no small task in the cutthroat world of the content delivery market. With margins across the industry continuing to shrink as downward pressure has continued to be applied to prices, making a profit is tough.

EdgeCast has kept its focus narrow: it's all about delivery, baby. "We're not trying to get into advertising, or IP transit, or colocation," says President James Segil. "The top of the market with the big volume accounts is truly commoditizing, and Akamai, Limelight and Level 3 are all going after that. We're focusing on smaller accounts that need self-service, as well as reselling through our carrier partners like Global Crossing and Deutsche Telekom." The company specializes in video delivery, at a time when video has become king.

The company recently announced partnerships with several OVPs, saying it allows EdgeCast to get its product in front of users who might not otherwise choose it; the OVPs provide the tools users need, EdgeCast provides the transport. It's a huge market that's ripe.

"I think that video content management companies provide a service that is tremendously valuable for Website owners today that want to add video to their Websites," Sigel said in an interview with Contentinople. "That's why this is so important for us -- we see that this is a huge market, this online video management platform market."

EdgeCast - Top Online Video Company 2009: FierceOnlineVideo, Fierce 15