FierceIPTV Watch List 2009

Welcome to the FierceIPTV Watch List, a list of 10 TV service providers (notice I did not specify IPTV) who I think are worth watching closely due to their recent exploits and future potential. The fun of making these lists is that I get to decide who survives the cut; the fun of reading them is that you get to disagree with me about who I chose to survive (and let me know about it in our comments section).

In making this year's list, I tried to include a service provider from almost every region of the world. Because of that, some obvious names didn't make the final list (particularly some of the largest European carriers), but I wanted to try to put a spotlight on a few companies that we don't necessarily hear about every day (picking providers from Latin America and the Middle East was very tough, and I'd like to hear your suggestions for alternatives).

Also, I came very close to including some online TV players like Hulu and Grid-TV. While these companies and other online players didn't make my list, I definitely think they are worth watching, and you'll be reading a lot more about them soon in the virtual pages of FierceIPTV.

Before you begin reading, the last thing I'll mention is that this is not necessarily a list of the top 10 TV service providers in the world, merely a list of players that, for a variety of reasons, I find pretty interesting at the moment.

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